twofourts-A gmod territorial gamemode idea!

So this idea came across to me while playing mag for some reason.


Twofourts is a gamemode in which there are 2 base/forts…or i guess you could call them towns. You work with a team, which there are at least 3 (yellow team, green, red, and blue team) of depending on how many players there are in the server to balance team numbers. There should be lots of players allowed to have epic- territorial battles! You can buy weapons, sell, upgrade armour, and all that jazz inside your town. But it may not be your town for long!


The 4 or 3 teams (depending on # of players) are battling for control of the towns. The owners of towns are trying to defend their towns, or move on and capture the other town as well as having their own. If your team has no town, you are a rebel team. You can scavenge around (like in gm stranded) for armour and weapons. Keep in mind the teas can either be independent or work together. You can assign 1 team to share your town. Rebels can team up, town owners can team up. You can allow other people into your town under watch, and kill them if you wish since its YOUR FUCKING TOWN! Any group can wage war over any other group for control. This works for rebels also because the stronger rebel group has a better chance of taking over a town that the weaker group. If you are taken over by another town or a rebel group, you cannot automatically retake your town. That new owner group is your dominant, but there is an exception if one team owns both towns.


With armour upgrades you can upgrade run speed and damage reduction. Also,a neat feature would be “last Will”. Its like a self-enduced ubercharge, except it just increases reload speed, run speed, damage inflicted on enemies, and damage reduction. You can use it at any time, and this would be pretty awesome for “one man stand” moments With weapons you can buy NEW weapons, upgrade reload speed, upgrade fire speed, and damage inflicted on enemies.


Kind of like planet side, except i think vehicles wouldnt fit well with this gamemode. Intense combat with a variety of long to short range weapons. MW2 with a hint of mag, i guess :p.

This could be a really awesome gamemode. Or if theres an actual game like this, PLEASE TELL ME! :smiley:

This is thery unrealistic, i probably wont be made.
but a very awesome idea indeed.
By the way, fourts? i hope you mean forts.


I know, but TWO and FOUR…The creativity in my brain turns to sludge on fridays.

Unrealistic? how? am i just giving out too many ideas that CANT be coded in gmod?


Yes you are, the whole territorial control thingy is just about impossible.
It would be possible to make a upgrade system, but no one would do that. I just too much work for nothing.

no, but way more than you are

and by the way, im not saying this isnt possible (although its damn near), but no one would do it. it would require a way too large team. its not gonna happen.


BAH. It was just an idea. Maybe it could be a short & sweet hl2 MOD?


Even though it IS technically possible, it would be almost impossible, and would require a huge team.

Stop telling him what can and can’t be done; this is an ideas/requests forum. Let the imagination run wild!

Aslong as there’s a puppy involved it can be done!

This isn’t impossible, you have no idea let the mind explore, doesn’t require a big team either. :science:

This would be easy with custom maps.

This really isn’t difficult. I’m not sure why you’re saying that it is. And it’s cool, so it’s not exactly work for nothing.

This would only take a decent lua coder a week to get a beta out, if they worked on it consistently. Obviously population of features takes much longer, which is why a features list makes everything much easier.

Custom weapons, models, and other stuff would take much longer, though, so you WOULD need a team, depending on how far you wanted to take this.

Yeah. Just make a custom brush entity and you’ll have your “territories” laid out.

The OP is Perma-banned, so there is no point in doing this.

This is a requests/ideas forum. Who cares who posted it?

But personally if people ask for a request then get perma-banned, why make it for them?

It’s not the OP that matters, it’s the idea.