[TX] Drops LongDurab LongDecay 5minLock Sleeper PvP NoWipe

Server has been shutdown on July 2nd due to disinterest in Rust. May come back for new version.

Last wipe: n/a

What NoWipe means

If the server does get wiped, here are the following reasons why:

  • A game update deleted the save
  • It is strongly suggested due to update issues
  • The host (FPSplayers) forces it, which they have done before
  • Any other reason technically out of my control, like GSP crashes, etc.

Other than these exceptions, a wipe will never happen, unless I shutdown the server, which I did.

Note: No data is being saved from the shutdown. If I come back, it will be for the new Rust, which won’t use the old data anyways.

Current server.cfg

(rcon.password removed, server.hostname is the thread title, server.maxplayers 50)

Server list links




  • Server restarts often to ensure stability. In-game warnings used at 10min, 5min, and 1min before.
  • Server is listed under the modded section due to the extensive server.cfg or a bug. There are no actual mods installed, server is vanilla. Vanilla means no slash commands.

(click to join once steam://connect is implemented. see this card: https://trello.com/c/ULawzZnt)

Server location: Dallas, Texas