Ty the Tasmanian tiger ragdolls for Gmod

Ok so i’v been a fan of Ty for my whole life and want to create some youtube videos about him for fans of the series,because Ty wasn’t that popular nobody ever bothered importing his model into gmod,so I ask yous since i’v tried and failed so many times to please import this model into gmod for me,he doesn’t have to have facial expression,just a basic rig.thank you
http://ps23dformat.wikispaces.com/Ty+the+Tasmanian+Tiger+3+Night+of+the+Quinkan Heres the model

Always loved this game as a kid, Sure i’ll see what I can do - Might just be easier for me to get it from a ROM, ty 2 model okay?

Thanks!!! theres a toon link hack in SSBB that replaces Link with Ty,You could use that if you want

It would be better to get the original model instead of using one of those. Most of the time, the models used for character replacements in Super Smash Bros. Brawl are re-proportioned, and therefore no longer proper.

beauty bonza! streuth!

I would love Tys model from ty 1!