Tycho and Strong Bad


Tycho and Strong Bad ripped from Poker Night At The Inventory. Tycho’s got eyeposin’ and fingerposin’ and… not much for faceposin’.

Hope someone’s wanting them. :downs:


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I love you rebaccus

i love that copout

This is awesome, thanks a bunch.

I’m gonna buy you a scepter.

And you must promise you will not wave it around for ever reminding us of this moment.

Are you going to do the heavy?

LOL Nice i have been waiting for these.Thanks!

Uh, It’s the same model except with a retarded shading

Good god this is fucking awesome

Awesome, love it Rebbacus.

Think you could get the skeleton Max and low poly Strongbad?



idk i got bored and had an urge to pose tycho

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only problem with the tycho model is that his outline collides with a lot of shit but i guess that can’t really be helped

Tell me, is Strongbad’s gun modeled in the archives of the game somewhere? Would it be possible to get that too?

Can’t wait to make Tycho ride the Arch Demon from Dragon Age while wielding a LMG in each hand. Wait what.

Strong Bad is a bit tiny.

Strong bad is supposed to be short.

OH dear god yes!!!

When i saw this i thought “'GODLIKE” !
When i tried this, is thought “JESUSLIKE” !

All your models are doing this with me :frowning: