TYE: Population (RTS)

Brought to you by TowerYard Entertainment!
(We made Gmod Tower Defence)[/release]
Population is a new RTS (Real-Time Strategy) gamemode that’s loosely based off The Settlers IV (4). The game supports 4 players. When you spawn, you start with a city, a storehouse and a small ring in which to construct resources. Your city will spawn 8 melons, each of which has a mind of his/her own and will perform tasks to aid your kingdom. If you construct a building, they will go to fetch resource from your storehouse or local resource nodes and deliver it to your building site in order to construct it. The objective is to destroy all your enemy cities whilst defending your own - when you lose your city, you’re out of the game!

When destroyed, you lose. Spawned when you first join. Spawns 8 melons to aid your kingdom.

Stores resource for your melons to use when building things. When presented with no tasks, your melons will default to filling this up!

Spawns 4 more melons that will aid your kingdom.

Shoots at enemy melons, and also expands your borders.

Allows you to turn normal melons into soldier melons.

Provides a better path for your melons to follow. Good use of these can streamline melon path finding.

Normal Melon
You can’t control these melons. They collect resource and deliver to your buildings, as well as carry out other generic tasks to help your empire grow.

Soldier Melon
You have direct control over these melons. You can order them to attack the enemy.[/release]



The melons get their tasks from the city, and assign themselves a schedule. There will never be issues where 2 melons are delivering 10 wood to a building only requiring 10 wood. The melons also use Jinto’s A* path finding module, using the buildings or resource nodes as path nodes, so they can always find their way about.

The building object is a single sent - any building-specific methods and properties are loaded dynamicly from seperate lua files. This doesn’t much affect you as a player, but for any developers, it’s nice and easy to create or edit buildings.

Towers and cities have a ring around them, the same colour as their owner’s colour (decided upon spawn). Two rings of the same colour will merge together, demonstrated by the screenshots above, and two rings of a different colour will block each other - The Settlers IV style. Ring calculations are performed whenever a ring is created/updated, and only to rings which have potential to change. It is all done in 1 frame and then stored in a table, the performance loss in that frame is low enough to be un-noticeable (even on low spec machines).

Networking and Lag
The AI system is special - rather than the melons being sents, they are what I call “virtual entities”. As far as the player is concerned, all you need to know is that they lag less then normal entities. For those who are lua/source literate, it means the melon entities are clientside models and are simulated using the same data both clientside and serverside. Required data is synced using usermessages. When me and Bekka filled the whole map with towers and had about 32 melons each moving around doing things, the net graph peaked at about 350.

Ambient music helps you get into the mood of playing. There are loads of convars you can use to adjust things, including the distance at which buildings and resource nodes should fade away (to save FPS). More info about convars will be added later.

When will this be released?
When it’s done. Don’t expect it within the next week or so, but progress is coming along nicely. I’d say 1 month tops, unless something changes.

I thought The Maw was making this?
He “deprioritised” the project in favour of Sunrise or something, I’ve been trying to contact him on steam but he appears to be too busy to reply. This script has been written completely from scratch using his code only as a reference for the HUD/gui.

How will it be played?
It’s gonna be hosted on the TYE servers (I’ll post the IP for the lobby later). For those of you who don’t know, TYE host Gmod Tower Defence and it’s a lobby system.

Cool! Can I help?
If you want to help, hop over to our forums at http://www.fortfn.co.uk/forum

What do you need done?
We need maps mostly, everything else is sorted. I am looking for some experienced mathmatician/lua coder to help me with some ring math problems though.[/release]

Original Gamemode - The Maw
Models - The Maw
Sounds - The Maw | Bekka
Materials - The Maw | Bekka
Scripting - thomasfn
Modules - Jinto (A Pathfinding)*
Testing - Bekka[/release]

Other Notes
This gamemode has been written completely from scratch, as The Maw’s version was a little on the messy side. (No offence to him, he did an excellent job making it and it certainly inspired me to carry on his work.)

The building/unit list isn’t final, I may decide to add/remove/change stuff.

It looks like sass, but not in a bad way.

It does look a little like Sass, I agree. But then again, it’s hard to make an RTS of the medieval theme that doesn’t look much like Sass. Is it the models, or the hud or what?

Well, i love TD, and im going to love RTS now :smiley:

A suggestion would be small little Buildings building on their own. Take example for Sass. The more gold you collect the more little Housing buildings and what not are built on their own.

If I remember correctly, Maw said someone stole this gamemode from him?

hmm to me this looks like Black & White 2 with less of the conscience, maybe you should have spear throwing melons for your and walls so you can put them on =). now i just have to wait for the “Godly” powers

Will players have the ability to choose their own starting point or will they be pre-selected when the game starts? I vote for pre-selected to prevent people from spawning their base in an unfair location, such as the most resource plentiful area, etc.

How about upgrades. Will those come externally (and unfairly) like Sass does or do we work for it like a real RTS?

Just curious, because this is what always kept me from playing Sass because of the unfair advantages players get from choosing the best map spot and already having the best units and such.

Nope, Thomas made this from scratch, because Maw gave up.

I’ve played it, it’s pretty awesome :smiley:

K. I had a small discussion with ThomasFN and I AM GIVING PERMISSION TO USE MY CONTENTS WHATSOEVER that should clear it up.

Thank you.

The starting point are pre selected and defined by the map. At the moment, there is only 1 map but the starting points are so that no player starts with a bigger advantage than another player.

As for upgrades, I don’t think there will be any at initial release but we may add them later. It depends what players want in the overall picture.

So long as the upgrades are gained through the game itself and not externally like Sass. I have not played Sass in a long time so it might have changed but I remember that they have it so that the gold you get in game, is used to buy permanent upgrades such as the stronger walls and guard towers. These upgrades are available to you whenever you start a new game.

That tipped the balance for older players because they would always start off with the best while new players started out with nothing. This was one of the main reasons why I stopped playing.

I understand that, but upgrades are also a quick way to extend the lifetime of a game and add replay value. What I might consider is some sort of package system, where every upgrade has a disadvantage also (like TF2 items) and you can choose which upgrades you want before you start the game. (For example, you might have a tower upgrade that extends the ring size slightly but decreases firepower).

Those models look stunning, very nicely textured, the maps would need a similar level of detail to look good…
Come to think of it…
I used to love mapping for Sassilization… If you’d like a couple of nice little maps send me a PM…

I really like the concept of this idea.
May I make a suggestion though? You guys look like you can model quite well, have you considered modeling a human (even if not greatly detailed) as replacemeant for the melons?

I just thought that doing so could make your gamemode look more detailed and more original, considering how the use of melons in Gmod isn’t all that uncommon.
No offense.

Keep up the good work.

That’s up to The Maw, he made the models. If he (or someone else) makes us a nice animated model that would suite well, I don’t see a problem in using it. (As long as animations work on clientside entities)

Awesome, if he/they do, I’d still hope they’d be gib-able like melons though :v:


Sorry for all the requesting and stuff, it’s just how I show my interest.

To be honest we did the same with tower defense as well and it went more down hill from then by making the props to organics, td went down hill and people kept asking for melons buckets and roller mines back xD.

Ah, that’s a shame…
I didn’t know you had melons and rollermines in TD though :open_mouth:
Last time I played it was just Headcrabs, Half Zombies, Fast headcrabs, Normal Zombies, Fast Zombies, and Poison Zombies.

I’d probably been too long since I played though :S