TYE: Population (RTS)

That was the old version. First they had the melons and rollermines, then they switched to zombies.

I see.
Well I doubt that they’d be too disappointed if they had original models as replacements for melons…
I could be wrong of course, and well, it’s completely up to the developers.
It’ll probably be a nice gamemode either way :slight_smile:

Quite good, also whats these melons ?

Will there be Team games?

The idea is that players will be able to form alliances ingame. This means you could potentially have a 2v2, or 1v1v2, or 1v1v1v1. I’ll probably stop you from going 3v1 though, to be fair.

You should make an Official Alliance Window, and alliances stop the Melons Killing each other or something.

Wouldn’t the mass of melons eventually produce quite some lag, unless you are running this off an i7 rig overclocked.

Read the OP. The melons aren’t normal Source ents - as far as the server is concerned, each melon is just a table and every Tick it calls the Tick method on each melon. Data about the melons are networked using usermessages, and the client replicates the melons using clientside entities. Network overhead using normal source entities is about 10x our system.

my question is, you said you will release it right?
Well do you mean publicly after you finish it or… keep it private i’d have your babies if you make it public or just give it to me to run :slight_smile:

anyways looking great dude keep it up.

This is actually very clever.


Hah, didn’t read it all. Thank you for clearing that up mate.

Any progress :smiley: ?

Just wondering, how long would each game be approximately?
Also, once you are “Out of the game” Would you return back to the TYE Lobby?

last time i played it was about 30 min but it depends on how you want to do it, you can rush and attack or be more strategic

What Bekka said. Also, when you are out of the game, you can choose to return to the lobby or spectate the rest of the match until someone wins.

Can the melons float on water?

because I would kinda rather maps based on each player having a small country and then being able to use some soldier melons as naval units, while planning large scale melon D-days. Rather than the map presented here which looks as if you are in some sort of giant castle or something, that’s one of the aspects of Sass that I disliked. If it’s going to be an RTS, at least make it look as if you are in control of a country, rather than a square foot in a small brick building.

Then they could just make a flash game of risk in the lobby :stuck_out_tongue:

Excuse me if I haven’t yet said this in this thread, but I know I said it before:

This gamemode is based off of the “Black & White” games. It wouldn’t be like that because that wasn’t how Black & White or Black & White 2 worked. That’s why it wouldn’t be a whole country, it’d be a small village.

The Maw based the original gamemode from the Black & White games but in my rewrite I changed quite a lot of stuff - if someone didn’t mention it you probably wouldn’t make the connection if you played on my version than if you played The Maw’s version. For one, I have never played any B&W (no I’m not joking). The point is, I don’t want to be restricted to making the game similiar to B&W whilst developing since it kind of stops me from adding features that I liked from other RTS’s, and of course, restricts the map to a specific style to.

(I found it hard to word that, if you can make any sense out of it, well done)

The map you see in the screenshots is more of a developer map than anything else. There could well be a map that makes it look like you own little countries like traditional RTS’s. I’m not a mapper, so it’s up to whoever wants to design and submit maps to create a good feel for the game there.