TyguyZS - Zombie Survival

I’m making a zombie survival gamemode. I want it to not be round optimized. I like the idea of making it survival based, where players have to be careful about what they choose, who they trust, and so on.

So far I have made
A running system (players can run for a bit, but will eventually get tired and slow down. Once they are slowed, if they stop for a few seconds, they will regain their speed)
Custom Chatbox (With OOC and normal short-range chat)
Anticheat (Working 95%, will work on it later)
Drinks (the only effect is your health going up a bit and your speed will go up if you’re tired)
Disconnect Position Saving (leave, rejoin, same position as you left)

Drinks: (health) - (tiredness removed)
Coka Cola - 10 health - a bit of tiredness gone

This gamemode will not be released. I made this thread solely for suggestions and ideas.

No screenshot, No release, and No video, but just a small wall of text.

…Eh. No suggestions needed for this thread i think.

Lol? Why do I need your confirmation? I’m asking for suggestions and ideas, not a gamemode release.

Not really a lot of information on this though. We know the “small” amount of features you have got, but not what kind of gamemode it actually is. Fair enough, zombie survival. But it sounds like a open world setting considering you wrote that players will rejoin at their last known location. The name reminds me of the good old Zombie Survival, which is far from the features you have.

I didn’t ask you to get MY confirmation, what’s wrong with you?

Then you don’t need anything.

I am indeed trying to make this an open world setting.

Well if there is nothing, then no one can suggest something.
good luck with your gamemode anyways, I like some kind of open world game. =)

People can suggest things of what they would want in the scenario of the suggested thread details. Thanks for the good luck :slight_smile:

" Gamemode & Addon Releases " - I see no release of a Gamemode or an Addon.
All there is…Text! Good day sir.

Please do not post unless you have something productive and useful to say. It is gamemode & addon releases, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post a gamemode without a download link.

you should change the image tag from gamemode to wip gamemode

done. no idea if it saves though. oh and hi fruit, i remember you from somewhere

Isn’t this kinda exploitable? (i.e. camping)

Good idea, I might disable it.

And then he was permabanned.

Open world? In the source engine?

Okay then.