Type 39 Chinese Mech

Saw this image

made a mech like it.

Thanks to Mr. Sharps for thinking up the arms and helping with that fucking annoying red star on the chest





Fighting it is fun… especially when the mech i was using outweighs it :V

Omg that looks cool, could pwn any mechs ass any day.

Very cool, I didn’t think somthing like this could look good in gmod

It sure does look good but can it take more beating than most Chinese cars?

I sure hope so

as liberty prime would say “Better dead, than red” god rest his giant metalic badass steel framed bones

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Liberty Prime is back to kick some ass
Oh no, he got his ass kicked :frowning:

Are the arms mouse aimed?
If so, how do you aim with the arms without having the arms just face the mech itself?

yeah the arms are mouse aimed

the guns turn the mech but move up and down freely

Wow, that looks really awesome. Great material choices, they really make it IMO.

Nice one, rated artistic.

Oh, so the arms look at what direction you’re looking at vertically, while the body looks at what direction you’re looking at horizontally?

That’s… Pretty clever, actually. I’m gonna make a cockpitted mech like that sometime.


But can it fire while moving? :smug:


it’s meant to be an infantry suppression vehicle, so yes. it spews green tracers EVERYWHERE.


ironically that’s probably what it sounds like inside to the crew when bullets “chink” off of the armor. :v: