Type to Speech (MetroCop) Help!

Im trying to set up something to where, like in hl2rp servers, you can type stuff and it will play that sound file, and then when you hit y it plays a short beep sound like a COM is turning on.

This is for a DarkRP server I own, if you could send me the code , or the name of the plugin or a tutorial on how to do it, or even all three, that would be tromendously appreciated.



it’s not TTS, text-to-speech
they are cut overwatch/civil protection voice files from the game
for example, “Amputate.”, “Administer.”, “Suspect prepare to receive civil judgement!”
you’d need to do some tricks to integrate voice commands, but im not lua

you can also create your own files with a little help of audacity, but it obviously won’t have the same ‘feel’
btw dont darkrp