Type18 -AI tank ragdoll

Type18 -AI tank ragdoll


converted from “X operations” custom contents


Not made by me.
I only ragdolled.(Skin was a bit edited from original by me.)

I added some M1A2 parts that was ported by EvilMr.Lee.



Try this link,if you want to know about this tank.

looks like that thing from the spiderman cartoon tv show.

Cool , i was waiting for you to release this.

…This is… ah… Ghost in the shell?
Anyway, will download and try out. Thank god for the mirror, torrents suck.

GITS S9 or the source mod that just came out?

Omg… I love you!
That tank looks awesome!

Awesome, release of the month!

Its from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and I think its from the first episode if i remember correctly (or within the first 3, its been a while since I watched them).

This is brilliant :smiley: More GITS models the better, how many are left?

Edit: What game is that link about? (I’ve not heard of a pen and paper GITS game before, but thats what it looks like to me O.o)

Also do you mind if I use the Tachikoma for something?

Where did you get the skins for the UN Soldiers? I want to remake the Sniper Episode with the war in the Gulf of Mexico and all :smiley:

This picture you posted in the download link:


These are fanatstic. I even downloaded the helicopter one.

Also, because I brought it up:

Thanks downloading!

Modifying and the re-up-loading got permission from author.
so feel free to use them:)

Models from here.

And you can get UN skin from here.
(contains custom .phy files.)

You should take the original file backup before using this patch.

Holy shit crazy spider tank thing?


I fucking hate those things