Typhoon Intercept Cruiser

This is my recent creation, I am not new to Garry’s mod, nor am I new to face punch I have all ways lurked never felt I needed to post much. I feel that Gmod has seen way to much of the same thing… Tanks… Helicopters, boring stuff I mean really how many times can you build a tank, the concept is the same each time, it gets old… Time for something new.

Typhoon Intercept Cruiser





Credits: Pac (He made dem sexy engines) and Cricket

At first I thought it was prop spam, and then the picture resolved itself into a ship. It’s pretty nice but you might want to work on that factor

Hi slimswitch.

Nice lil’ thing you have there.

sup slim

did you steal that from someone

or was it laying around unguarded so you legally claimed it as yours

Don’t know this slim you speak off strange one, but the entire nodex server watched me build it, not to mention Pac helped me with the engines. lol

looks kewl. TBH it looks more like a freighter, has that “lumpy” look. But cool…love the detailing.

oh fp u so funy

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Awesome, =D like my contraption?

yes actually

Ohh hurr look I made dem engines hurrr.

A bit too chunky IMO but i like it.

I love that you can see who gave ratings now

Hey bro, I’m pretty dang sure I built the front of this ship and some other parts.

Nice vanilla usage. Do like

It’s alright. 4/10

God dammit I want crediittt… I just realized I built like the entire front of this.

Well damn son, you should give me credit cause I made it.

Shadow don’t start and try and rate me dumb, my name used to be Cricket I never post on the forums but I built this shit and I know it.

It is Cricket. His steam name is Ape too.

wow, ape built the whole front of this and you give him no credit. typical slimswitch