Typing Detection

Hey guys,

I was wondering how to make a thing where when you type in virtually any place in Garry’s Mod, it returns something to verify that you are in a typing mode. I know you can do this in the default chat, but can’t figure it out for things like typing in the console and derma panels. Help?

When the player starts chatting have a console command sent to server by them.

To detect if they stated chatting use **[Gamemode.StartChat


He wants to know when they start typing anywhere, not in chat.

I’m not exactly sure if there is a way, input.IsKeyDown could detect keys I guess.

Even if he could get this to work for himself i doubt it would work for anyone else…to sketchy. not everyone has the same key binds.

It goes by actual keys, not binds.

Works for derma panels:

– Called when a text entry gains focus.
hook.Add(“OnTextEntryGetFocus”, “yo”, function(panel)


– Called when a text entry has lost focus.
hook.Add(“OnTextEntryLoseFocus”, “yo”, function(panel)