Typing in a weird "language"? HELP!

Hey, so i’m playing Darkrp, nothing wrong. But after around 20 minutes of playing, i type in a very weird kind of language: фуефпьощшцуе.
Did i press a wrong button or something? It only happends on garry’s mod. restarting fix’s it but i don’t want to restart the whole time. Also, when i try to find a server after i’ve played on the roleplay i just can’t type.
Any solutions?

Your computer has been hacked by Russians. They’re taking over.

However, if you want to fix that, I can think of one solution.

You probably have a Language Bar with more than one language, obviously.

The keyboard shortcut for it to switch between languages is ALT + SHIFT so, you’re probably hitting that on accident. I can see that happening in DarkRP while you’re playing.

So, go to your taskbar and you’ll see it there. Might have to click the little arrow to show all of them.

To remove this go to Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboard and Languages (up top) > Change keyboards… > Remove anything under “Installed services” that isn’t EN English (United States). Apply and close it.

Stop letting Russians use your computer.