Typing in Hebrew

Until the last update typing Hebrew were possible and it really helped the Israeli community, though, after the previous update typing in Hebrew is not possible anymore, It shows Hebrew letters but writes them from the left to the write while Hebrew should be typed from the right to the left, for example, instead of showing “שלום” it will show “םולש”… Please fix it :slight_smile:

does it really matter? O.o

Yeah, because it writes it in the opposite way, instead of “Hello” it will write “olleH” and it’s really hard to read whole sentences like that. It’s just like 2 lines of code, and it does matter for who speaks Hebrew.

i doubt they will change it now, not nearly as important as getting feature into the game

If it was available it will be available again soon, must be a bug. I dont think they are taking out content like that.

never said they would take i out, but i doubt its as important as getting the game as playable as legecy

I bet it may take less than 5 minutes to create a code that recognizes Hebrew and change the writing from left-to-right to right-to-left, You can chat with your language easily, right? I want to use my language.

again im not saying that it isnt easy to do that, im saying that chat, most likely isnt the biggest thing on the mind of FP devs.

P.S cant you rewrite the words backwards so when its typed from left to right, they look normal?

what if it was english?

Chat hasn’t been working on Linux in any language for over a week for me.

thats terrible. well actually probably better so you dont have to listen to half the idiots

well, i very rarely use chat in any game, so it wouldnt affect me in any way

I usually kill people that don’t use a mic. I don’t trust mutes…

Yeahhhh I do feel like someone should make the time to change that one little line of code to make a few Hebrew speaking people :slight_smile: that’s not a lot of work even if it’s low priority.

This would probably be a Unity bug, I don’t know enough about localization to fix it, sorry :frowning:

fyi, localization is not just “change one little line of code”

Some help?

No idea what code base though :wink: - and might give people some idea of the amount of code it takes!


Hey Garry! It already worked in Hebrew like 1 month ago, so something changed and stopped it from work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hence why he said it is probably a unity bug. If it is, unity will fix it.