Typing Maniac!

A few people of you might now the game from FaceBook, others who don’t just watch the pictures.

At the moment it’s at a quite playable/funny status, the only thing is, that i can’t release it yet.

Although you can test it here: - Flood 2 | GMod.biz

So, whats this game about? - Typing as fast & correct as you can!
You can gain specials, and activate them by just typing in there name.
-> fire: will remove all current words.
-> slow: will slower the fall speed of all current words
-> wind: will blow away all your missed/bad spelled words
-> ice: will freeze all words for 10 seconds

Pictures Old:





Pictures New:



I can’t release it until i’ve found a way to pass the data clientside to my webhost, so if any of you know a secure way, just tell me :slight_smile:

You could parse the words as you call them and check if they have x characters in them.

Sexy :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Done The-Stone.
Looks like you put some effort into this.

I don’t see a words per minute statistic in those screenshots. Would be interesting to see.

[lua]local four = {}
local five = {}
local six = {}
for _,v in ipairs(string.Explode("
",file.Read(“filepath.txt”))) do
local str = string.Trim(v)
local len = string.len(str)
if len == 4 then table.insert(four,str)
elseif len == 5 then table.insert(five,str)
elseif len == 6 then table.insert(six,str)

Just replace “filename.txt” with the data file.

…But because I’m so nice, I did it for you!

Fours: http://pastebin.com/m372a2138
Fives: http://pastebin.com/m3193b3f7
Sixes: http://pastebin.com/m4733f819

Wow, you are awesome dude! :smiley:

/could you tell me how you’ve done it? (with which programm)

And ofc your name will be mentioned. (Is your FP name ok?)

There is no way to safely pass the data to your webhost.

This is my main problem >:|

€dit: Go and check it out at - Flood 2 | GMod.biz - it’s up now! :slight_smile:

Aggh I hate this game.
I get worse every time I play.
Looks like a nice recreation in Lua though, nice job!

So, he cant update it now cause ftp is down.
(Lol forgot to pay client cp bill…)

Thanks. That’s just lua. All you need to do is put that huge text file in your /data directory, and run this script in your /lua/autorun/client directory.

Yeah, just call me Entoros. If you need any more help, just ask.

I just played the original one and it’s awesome, can’t wait for yours I guess.

hm, i think i can help with your problem. What do you mean by way to pass the data clientside to webhost?

He wants to send data from the client to his webhost.

Yes, i was thinking of retrieving a password + timestamp, and send pw + score back within 2 seconds or so, but the client could still hack it easily :confused:

hm, why not send data to server using datastream and then send data to webhost from server?

Because he wants a clientside addon, duh.

A mysql database?

For storing informations: yes
for receiving informations directly from client: no