Typo in garrysmod

Dunno, This morning i joined my server, But garry made a typo in the snaphsot
(Or its an new word that i never heard of…)

FYI I’m using dutch OS/Steam/Garrysmod


Yeah, i’ve noticed that since ever. I don’t think Garry wrote it, though

These errors are a parth of the Source Engine, garry didn’t write them.

Finally, someone else finds this.

Didn’t everyone know?

I never noticed.

What is it. For some reason I can’t find the typo.

The spelling is correct. :v:

Snap Shot

Snaph sot

He’s referring to “Snaphsot,” but apparently it’s correct




I always thought it was snapshot.

I only noticed it like a week ago.I have had the game for years. LOLZ