Tyrannosaurus takes New York

I need a good night time map, like the scene from Lost World where the Rex was in San Diego. That’s what I was aiming for.


Just for fun random pic, while I was posing the first one, I said “eh, while I’m here”, and did another Lost World Type picture. Just need the Baby Rex model and I’m all set.

Turok t-rex…
me likes.
link? or is it in beta?
Could have been at night like in the film.


Nvm, found it! :smiley:

I wish I could do it at night.

Woulda been much better D: But I need a good night time map that can hold this massive piece of awesome

You raped the quality of these pictures. The aliasing and contrast in the first picture, plus some pretty low-res models, all look really sketchy. In the second picture the colours are completely messed up.

I like the first one. If I shrink it a bit like DA did to it on the site, you can’t see the problems, then it looks pretty nice. And the T-Rex is High Quality, the most outstanding Rex model ever to hit GMOD so far. And I can’t help the truck being low res, its a Half-LIfe truck, and a bonus for fun pose. I wasn’t really serious on that one, just goofing off.

But I like my Rex. To me, its badass.

I was really referring to the trees and how the excessive phong on the Rex looks really ugly with the high contrast. If I pose with that model, I turning the phong way down.