Tyrranis' Model Thread (TF2)

Basically, I every so often make models using Blender for games and such, and after some advise on a TF2 WIP weapon I uploaded to the Workshop, I’ve decided to make a thread here, in order to hopefully get some of these to such a state that they can be fully skinned and what-not.

So far, all I have is the weapon I mentioned earlier, the Toxic Torchbug:
TinyPic link to picture
-WORKSHOP LISTING REMOVED- (Too many people complained that I shouldn’t put WIP stuff on the workshop)

Next, I might make a console prop for Garrys, as constantly using Combine Consoles to mount WireMod stuff on is getting a little boring.

I realise I don’t have a lot to go on right now, and I will try to add more models here when I can.

Right. I’ve started making those Consoles for Garrys. I’ve got 2 basic ones done so far:

The only difference between the two is that while the one on the left uses a floor mount, the one on the right is wall mounted.

I’ve also started work on a new Misc. item for Team Fortress 2: The Tom’s Peepers. It’s going to be a pair of binoculars hanging around the Scout’s neck.

The strap’s going to be the difficult part, to be honest. I don’t have a copy of the Scout model to work off of, and the tutorials I’ve found to get them have been somewhat… daunting.

Right. The Tom’s Peepers have reached a state where I can’t work on them further. In order to proceed, I’ll need to get my hands on the Scout player model in a Blender-friendly format, and the tutorials I’ve found haven’t worked, as the programs they require don’t seem to be functioning on my computer.

Anyway, here’s the model so-far:

Well, I came up with an idea for an item for the Soldier a couple of weeks ago, and today I’ve made a model for it.

Imageshack Link
(Direct link appears broken somehow).

You should post your stuff here

They can give you some advice

Thanks. I’ve posted in that thread, showing off the stuff and asking for help.

Right. New project today. It’s a model for Garrys, more specifically WireMod.


I call it a “Powered Button”. Essentially, it would be a button which needs to receive a signal in order to be used, with the model itself having an animation so that you can tell by looking at it whether or not it would do anything. In this case, there is a slide covering the “button” on the model when it is not receiving a signal.

I figure it’d be useful for SpaceBuild MAC cannons and whatnot.