U.S. agent fights in the Veil (Wolfenstein)



LOL nightvision filter…
good idea poor execution.

But his avatar is pretty awesome :smug:

Looks okay. Could use more blue and better editing.

Mussel fire looks odd, and what is that white glowing stuff in front of the sandbags?

But pic is ok. Actually like the green theme. Middle German probably should aim his weapon at the enemy and not the ground:)

Yeah, I don’t think the tracer fire turned out too well. The white stuff is supposed to be one of those Veil pools.
If anyone wants to give their own edit a shot, here’s the original pic:


Needs more blood and BJ Blastowics.

It probably should, but I’m not too good with blood editing and I didn’t have Blazkowicz model, so I used Naked Snake.

how did you make the bolts glow??

Can I see your avatar but bigger?

What’s with the green?

For the tracer fire, I just blurred white lines and stretched them. The green tint is supposed to show that he’s in the Veil (Wolfenstein’s parallel dimension).

Oh, and here’s my avatar. I found it in the “Team Fortress 2 Comics” thread.


its snake

MGS meets Wolfenstein?