U.S. Army Base Infection

One Special Forces soldier is all that remained…

Posed by me, my first attempt at editing.
Constructive criticism please.

Good idea, but the posing needs lots of work, and so does the editing

Blood needs alot of work, but for a first attempt it’s okay. Try to add entry and exit points, where the blood is going one direction if you get me.

Here is my criticism…That blood looks like it should be on a wall maybe…Not from some one getting shot. Now the posing needs work we all can say that… but try and work on your posing every day for a week or so then maybe if you think its post worthy then edit up some good blood or what ever. Keep it up and you can get better.

EDIT: darn ninjas…

Looks like the army invented some kind of sideways shooting gun of some kind.


Of a kind

pew pew, as promised :buddy:


Why wasting time by editing shitty screenshots?
Seriously the posing in the picture sux and the edit is strange.

Yeah bro i tried to fix that but i just couldn’t get it right! Thanks for the tips though. =D


it was a favor


You are dumb.



The posing on the Soldier looks bad

The random troll has struck! beware!

Says the guy with 51 posts :geno:

Judging a person on post count shows your ignorance.

Low res m240 posed poorly. Even if a gun is on a bipod, you still have to hold it correctly. A hip fired m240 on a bipod is gonna fire just as bad as any other hip fired gun.

Yeah, plus the muzzle flash is coming out of the side on the barrel.

The camo patterns the soldier and the infected are wearing seem to contradict each other.

Everyone knows that Army is for newbs who easily gets infected. All the pros go marines.

Bottom line: It sucks.