U.S. in Irak


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well it could also be Wall City. you know, that one city that’s made out of walls. kind of tough to say really

us in irak are bad men this is tipical they kill men baby and lady with bomb and gun and say it is collateral when they go and kill people that are innocent in irakistan

you are just as bad by show

a dear child has many names, especially when different languages interpret the arabic pronounciation differently

funny enough, “Irak” is also the way we say it over here


Same here in sweden.

Nice work Baptii, posing looks solid, angle and lighting is good.

posing on the guys against the wall on the left seems off, maybe torso tuck em.

Where you get those models?:v:

They’re WIP. Ninja Nub and Taggart are working on them, I was told that they’ll be out soon.

First Irak, next Jackistan

Also, you didn’t pose their shoulders, or at least, some of them.