U.S.M.C and U.S. Army Weaponry (im pretty sure they use the same things)

Has any body done can Modern U.S. Weaponry if you havent may you please make Modern U.S. Army and or U.S.M.C weapons like Sub Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Heavy Machine Guns (optional), and Explosive Weapons (optional) with body groups. I would really like this because my game glitches out and my addons tend not to work like for example some addons I had don’t download correctly and dont show up as working/existing in my addons tab in Gmod and trust me ive tried every thing to fix this problem and it hasn’t changed bit also some others might have this same problem as me. Also you can make each category at a time and you don’t have to do each category at whole, take your time.
I appreciate the effort you might do in advance to make these models, Thank You if you plan to make these soon.

Here’s a link to the in service and out of service weapons of the united states armed forces, you can probably find them on the workshop.

Just for future reference, you might want to try this thread before making a new one.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, your first bet for military equipment would be Kali and Bloocobalt’s CS:GO gun pack. Kali has also released, as separate addons, more detailed packs for M16 variants, a M60 GPMG and a M249. There is also his Ground Zeroes gun pack, which is not exactly accurate, but it does include unique weapons, such as more classic pistols and rocket launchers.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of other good content, but I think this is a good set of guns to start with. If you have issues downloading and/or using stuff from the Workshop, try unsubscribing and deleting some addons (Lots of things to load makes your game not work as it should)

thnx for that i have everything there except for mgs ones i dont know why but ill get em later andi just got the csgo things because i thought they were not bodygrouped

A few more:
-Guns from America’s Army Proving Grounds
-BF3 M4/M16
-Kali’s M14 pack
-Soldier of Fortune 3 gats, most of which are in use with the US Army and/or USMC
-Vietnam soldier pack with a bodygrouped M72 LAW prop
-MW2 Stinger SWEP with an actual Stinger world model
-CoD4 Equipment pack featuring the AT4 and Javelin, again with actual world models
-BF4 Javelin SWEP with world model
-MGS3’s tricked out 1911
-BF1’s not so tricked out 1911
-COD MWR ‘Black Kit’ SAS with complimentary MP5 and USP props