U.S Marines leaving a doomed city.



Original w lights : Click me
Original w/o lights : Click me

Thanks for the tips Chesty!

I likes the blood and use of lamps.

The zombies look a tad stiff, and i don’t understand the point of the lens effect. Are we supposed to see through a camera?

Nice use of lighting and the soldiers look badass :3

The zombies do look kinda stiff.

looks great!, but they’re not marines, little detail but who cares, awesome stuff, perfect timing too haha listening to the world war z audio book on the battle of Yonkers chapter

Those aren’t marines jesus if you’re gonna post something get it right.

Calm down leon it’s just a picture.

Anyway it looks very nice, the use of lamps is great.

I seriously hope you’re saying that in a funny way.

Well, Leon, how about criticizing the picture instead of my ignorance? (sorry, not every guy in the world know the US Army perfectly)
If you’re not going to, then fuck off.

I hope you werent seroius

I like it, nice editing, pretty good posing but the running soldier’s gun looks a bit out of place.
I know this has been said before but Marines don’t wear Army Combat Uniforms.