U.S Soldier hiding from Sniper


yup hes hidden alrite

It’s not like the sniper will be able to hit him holding his rifle like that

Constructive criticism guys, not one liners.

  • The pose is very stiff
  • The inability to face pose DoDS models makes them hard to use
  • The pose on the German is poor, look at some real life images of people holding weapons for refernce
  • Turn up your graphics to the max
  • Go to your console and type jpeg_quality 100 every time you take a screen shot

Sorry if it looks weird. The snipers actually holding the rifle fine it’s just you can’t see it from this angle

Most snipers I know use sights…

Damn, everyone so mean.
Here’s the first positive comment in this thread.
Good job man, although posing could use some work and never use simple DoF.

do you know many snipers? looks, well like he’s not really hiding just decided to wear army clothes and lay against a wall, if you moved the face around a bit to make it look like he’s hiding then it’d be good

His torso should not be perpendicular to the rifle and his legs shouldn’t be that straight.

When you hold a rifle your chest should be parallel to it:

Looks like the soldier see’s a bird. Lol.

The way he’s holding the rifle has nothing to do with the angle.
If you’re not sure on how to hold a rifle, at least take your self some time and google it or something next time.

If you can make a DOD character do this.

I’ll kiss you.

“Snipers” don’t usually pick vantage points where there is another window, accessible to the enemy, 5m away.

I loled really hard when i saw it.

Only you shouldn’t be chicken winging it so much and holding the pistol grip properly would be a good idea.


Many people here already have back in the gmod9 days.

The enemy will be so appalled, they’ll simply drop their guns and run.