U.S. soldiers burning alive after their convoy got attacked


(RESIZED PIC click right > show image FOR FULL RES)

First time trying to make some fire, hope it looks cool. I also made a darker version


Very nice.

I have always loved your editing, its really good.

Awesomeness. Looks really good.

COD 7?
Thats awesome. The fire effect looks really good.

Impossible, COD 7 will be set in Vietnam.

I was talking about the quality of the picture :buddy:
It doesnt look like the source engine anymore.

I made a darker version. I don’t know which is the best, help me choose!

Darker Version is better IMO.

Darker version.

Great fire. Nice shading and rain too.

only if it was raining harder :saddowns:

This looks horrible, but in a good way. Very nice flame edit. Like the rain to.

Darker version was a bit better.

That fire should be smaller. But i really like it.

the flames look good and everything but you shouldnt put ppl on fire and stuff

“29 lets G-ARHAGHAGH”

Great as usual. 29th skins give it bonus points for being awesome.

simply… amazing!

That dude’s face is never gonna be the same…

Also, what is it that you do that makes everything seem really sharp. It doesn’t seem like your average sharpening. I guess you couldn’t tell me anyway. Trade secrets and such


Pretty nice.

stop drop and roll muthafuckas