U.S. Soldiers fighting in the desert

I wanted to at least make an attempt at getting back into posing. Generic, much?


Saved over original, sorry.

The posing isn’t very good on the soldiers, staring on a different direction while wasting ammunition by firing from the hip isn’t a good tactic. Editing is good though.

So empty. No explosions!

Lololol hip-fire. Posing needs work.

edit is nice but, you’re only supposed to hip fire while in spitting distance from your target

Even then, you really shouldn’t do it. Far more efficient to have the weapon in your shoulder, even if you aren’t aiming down the sights.

Whats with all the nice talk?

The posing sucks he holds the gun all f’ed up, also why is he shooting from the hip, and I smell duplicator, also, how did you edit this?

“I smell duplicator”

Alright, so I see how the guy shooting and the tank match eachother. The tank must be a TRANSFORMER, and then he duplicated it and it was a soldier!

Not great and the muzzle flashes are all the same couldve put more work but i like the idea :slight_smile:

And since when did US use G36c?

well that is true but what happens when your off guard?
it would be far more easier if you have the time to raise your gun to your shoulder.
but like I said spitting distance so assuming you don’t have an m16 your gonna try and hip fire


well actually during last administration it was in review for use but the retards at the capitol hill decided to spend more on our air force so…

F15 has nothing on the Su37.

lol your silly we’ve got the fa-22 and the fa-35 now
which both of them were designed to kick the living shit out of any plane out there

I’ll start caring about the F22 when it’s computers stop breaking when crosses the International Date line.


You’re using an incident that happened once in 2007 to support anything but the F-22?

Have they been past the International Dateline since 2007?

and I’ll start thinking the SU-37 is any good when it’s not overshadowed by something like this


the S-37 ten times better
and when they can get actually any good training for their pilots because the Russians are to poor to pay for training time.

I tried googling the F-22’s problem and only got results from 2007. If mean, if it has been 2 years and it’s still having problems, then the plane should have been canceled.

it was just commissioned. I know it’s replacing the F 14 which was already canceled