U.S Special Forces Troop moving.

I was Inspired by Joazzz spitting poses out like a machine. and machines he likes There came these cool new models and i took a chance to make something cool. Well also, the Screenshots section has been active nearly so yeah… Enough of this Chit Chat and to the pose. So here it is:


Here is the Original picture


For those Lazy ones

Editing: Me
Posing: Me :3

Fantastic lighting.

Thank you. :smiley:

Good choice of music too. Gotta love that Harry Gregson-Williams - he is a great composer.

Thank you Chesty. I appreciate your comments

What you other people think?

It’s really beautiful looking, but the G36 ruins it for me.

Looks like a painting, awesome indeed.

Only bad thing is that the shadow in front of the eye looks kinda strange.

Thank you. More comments coming please :smiley:

Working on more ports for textures so you will sexy ACU for these guys:P
nice pic lighting is pure sex.


And nice lighting, although the shadows on the face draw too much attention.

There shouldnt be a shadow around the ear since part of the face blocks the light from it.
Nevertheless this picture is amazing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comments.

Nice lighting, although the face looks cell-shaded.

Reminds me of CoD4MW.

His finger isn’t touching the trigger
Kinda agreeing with kung fu jew though