Hello others from Facepunch, after 10 hours of sleep and over 35 hours of After effects, I present to you one of my most longest video to date

What is the timeline of these videos?

Holy shit…

I like your videos, gzero91. So much quality.

This is like some sort of epic superhero movie.

mother of god.


Some cuts were a bit wonky, but my god, that was great.

“I base my videos off of dreams I’ve had and try to find a way to convert* them in TF2 form.”

Freakin’ genius.

In the edit my screenshots thread I made a comment saying that TF2 stop motion is not true machinima.

You sir, force me to retract my statement. This is fucking gold.

I do not make machinima

Technically no I suppose seeing as its still images.

Dude I love your stuff. Your videos are amazing, well made, inspiring, and spiritually involving in a what the hell did I just watch kind of way.

That was amazing dude. Keep it up.

How the hell do you come up with these video names? Slam your head onto your keyboard?

Regardless, that was amazingly done. 35 hours is dedication, my friend.

Now do an actual less confusing storyline series worth more hours than your jobs weekly hours of income.

My eyes just had sex.

0 hours, got it.

I don’t know what I just watched, but this was probably one of the 1% gmod videos where people put effort into.

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Fuck, it’s the people like you who make me want to create Garry’s Mod videos myself.

can i get a playlist of the songs you used, i liked 'em alot.

just like titanic