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Welcome to the UBER Hatchet Server!!

                                                                                                        **Server Connection Info:​**
                                                                                                            Team Speak Server info: 

                                                                        Come use the Admin **Uber Hatchet!** Available as a kit for you to use to Farm with or use as a weapon!
                                                                                      Start with a Metal build Kit and/or a Wood Build Kit + a Food, Gun, Planks & Air Drop.

No Night
Very Active Owner & Admin
Leader board
Maze - Get through this 700 foundation Maze and win a nice Prize.
Uber Hatchet Kit
Air drop Kit
Metal Build Kit
Wood Build Kit
Planks Kit
Food Kit
Gun Kit

                                                    So If your interested in using the Admin Uber Hatchet or want to build a Metal or wood base or PvP & Raid. Then we look forward to seeing you on the server!