Uberslug's big, stupid studio tutorial

By studio, I mean taking pictures in the dark room on GM_construct so that you can drop in your own background later.




ALSO, fyi I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but if you spawn some models with fullbright on, Gmod crashes

good tutorial

about time somebody did something like this that isn’t completely incompetent

Uberslug was the reason I first started posing! :smile:

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Also, where can I get that model? I want to test this.

It’s one of the many MW2 ports, I have no idea where I got it :confused:

However, you can test this with any model!

The images won’t seem to load on FP. Direct links work just fine, though.


Looks like it fixed itself.

Well, what are you waiting for, add it in the Museum!

oh boy this is hot

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never thought of using the fog controller to get a blue/green screen, clever.


That’s fucking hot

Awesome :smiley:

wow someone who understands that surfaces reflect light onto surrounding objects

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I’m in love.

I don’t get that problem with fullbright. I get problems with spawning models if I have changed maps a few times they’re shaded in odd places and it’s weird looking.
BTW great tut.

I think many other people know that too but usually forget about it and/or don’t find any way to do it in-game.

whos fault is this even though there’s a whole assortment of ingame things you could do to make a picture better

guess i should start making tutorials to teach people how to use fog and color correction to compensate for shoddy sdof and should teach them the basics of composition even though it’s been done ten thousand times before, huh

also bump again because i love seeing the exact duplicate results of uberslugs tutorial (characters and all!). makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!