Ubuntu and Steam

Well I currently screwed my computer by messing with partitions when trying to install Ubuntu (linux). I had accdentally erased the first like 3 gigabytes on my hard drive and that resulted in windows going bye bye.
So I had to do the system recovery thing (What I was trying to do in the first place was make my hard drive have two partitions, one for windows and one for Ubuntu.) and when I got windows working again ALL MY CRAP WAS GONE!!! Everything was erased! As we speak I’m reinstalling all my steam games and I’ll be through by the end of the day. After everything got messed up I finally figured out how to have Ubuntu and Windows. :smiley: It works now but I was just wondering, I have wine so how do I get steam games to play on Ubuntu? Is it possible? Thanks for listening. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

wine does work with steam, i myself got 20 fps more when running gmod in wine (ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04)

Yeah that’s what I got, Fiesty. I also got Beryl. It’s the coolest thing. :slight_smile: The reason it runs faster is because linux doesn’t have alll that crap running in the background like windows does. Come on people! Get linux! :smiley:

My laptop has 5.0 Breezy Badger. Very fine operating system, although linux can be a whore to work with, Ubuntu makes it a bit better with it’s fake root and whatnot.

Wine will run steam, cadega will run steam as well (Although Cadega in it’s early stages wouldn’t run steam, and just give me crappy errors. But that’s mostly SuSE’s fault I suppose)

I tried beryl but could only get it to work on SabayonLinux LiveCD (Sabayon is a good dist if you are used to linux and want something fast without useless junk)

SuSE runs Steam fine, I have the x64 version on another hard drive and it runs all HL1 games flawlessly. It can’t run the Source engine games very well though, so just about the only game that behaves correctly is DOD Source at 800x600. Anything above that results in horrible frame rates.

I ran gmod9 (before i had gmod10) in ubuntu Feity with wine and got around 250fps (i get around 200 in windows)

I got lucky with installing Beryl because I have a Nvidia graphics card and Beryl tends to have many problems with that but I just found some thing that said click to get Beryl and it worked . Lol. No hard work.

The only bad thing about WINE in linux is that it doesn’t have support for Direct X 9 yet so you lose some image quality. I think that in time it will catch up, though it probably won’t be for awhile.

Mandriva 2007 Spring now has the Cedega game engine inside it, so it is now the ultimate distro for me at least.

Build the CVS version of Cedega / WineX.

A tutorial is located here:

Still, it is nice to have precompiled and regularly updated binaries via Transgaming, however everything to make Linux windows-compatible is more or less a hack, so I’ve always chosen the free alternatives.

use wine and in steam (once installed) use these launch settings (I recommend using gmod 10) gmod 9 doesn’t work anyway here are the launch options you have to use -dxlevel 70 -sw -w 800 -h 600 -autoconfig -wavonly