Guys I just re-installed my OP and this time i used “Ubuntu”, it is a Linux build and so far I have been able to download and install Steam but I downloaded my games, I can start them up, but when i start a level or map or something, I get an error, ill copy what it says, but i use a program named “wine” to let me emulate a hardrive and start steam and stuff.

If anybody knows how to get this to work please help.
EDIT: I hve only been able to start the game twice, every other time it wont load and i have to shutdown

EDIT 2: For some reason its not letting me star it up at all.

out of curiosity have you tried it without wine? (probably need it thought but its a thought)

Wine is the thing that runs Windows programs on Linux.

try these launch options in steam -dxlevel 70 -sw -w 800 -h 600 -autoconfig -wavonly