UCH Crash Problem | Can't fix error

(Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Quebec and I speak french)

Hello, I am Raphy and i’m still new to Lua, I am trying to learn by fixing stuffs and by doing basic stuffs. I mostly do Web stuffs for Ultimate Chimera Hunt and because I want to learn Lua I decided to try to fix some bugs, I already fixed some but there is one that I don’t know how. I am here to get help from you guys and become better at Lua.

***Problem : *** From what I saw, when 2 ragdolls are colliding together or a ragdoll is colliding with a model, player will crash when he first spawn on the server. When we clean up everything and he join again, he doesn’t crash. I looked in the console for an error and I found one right before the player crash. Here it is :

So I looked at the line 172 of cl_init.lua and here the code : http://pastebin.com/KW0iR8yu Line 27 is the line 172 in the .lua file

Since i’m not really good yet and I really want to fix it, some help would be appreciated to find how to fix it!

Thank you guys!

bump? (I don’t know if i’m allowed to sorry if i’m not)

It’s already told you what’s wrong, you’re not giving it a body group value.