Uclip v1.13 -- A noclip alternernative!

What is it?
Uclip is a noclip alternative. By this we mean it’s similar but different in the fact that you can’t noclip through anything but your own props (If you’re running a prop protection). So, you can’t noclip through the world or through others’ props. Admins can still noclip through everything.

Prop protectors supported: (if you don’t have one of these everyone can noclip through every prop)

  • PropProtection
  • Simple Prop Protection (via CPPI)
  • EPS
  • PropSecure
  • Protector
  • UPS (via CPPI)

This video demonstrates noclipping up to a player’s prop (handles odd angles okay), noclipping up to the ground, then noclipping through a tight space by “ducking”.


If you want further demonstration, just join our server at ulyssesmod.net:27016 or click here.

Known bugs:

  • If you’re noclipped, people can move props inside of you. You’ll then be able to noclip through their prop in order to get out. Better than getting stuck though, right?
  • Unnoclip – There was a valve function that would get you out of a prop if you were stuck. We had to override this because you could go through walls with it. Now you’ll just stay where you are when you unnoclip. Another thing for a future version.

Special thanks:

  • Spbogie: Helping me think of different ways to accomplish this, writing the initial version.
  • Banyon: Bug testing.
  • DrogenViech: Finding +moveup/+movedown exploit.


Great! I love it :smiley:

FINALLY :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

Although I rarely enable noclip on my server, I get good use out of this. I know now that they didn’t just beg for noclip to spawn something “funny” in the skybox or go try to make a crash machine somewhere. I like the new features too!

Thanks, I’ve been looking for something like this!


Holy crap this is exactly what I needed. I love you.

It looks to me that all the movement stuff is calculated client side. Is that wise?

This seems sweet, more anti minge protection :4chan:

Umm… yes. It’s called prediction. It’s really awful looking without it.

Will this also work for the Advance Ball Socket noclip prop?

time for stars
Finnally Never admins anymore that are abusing noclip on my server!
Much thanks!

Edit :

Is it possible to don’t allow admins to noclip though objects/walls and allow superadmins to noclip trough floors/walls?

Wow, Downloading now… Star for you.

If you don’t want them using it just ulx tooldeny it.

Yes, the admin check is at the top of the file, easy edit.

wow, very useful :smiley:

Could you explain to me exactly how to make it so admins can pass through others props but NOT the world or superadmins props. Superadmins should be able to go through everything.

This is great for servers! Now I don’t have to enable noclip so mingebags can flood into my base.

Awesome mod Megiddo!

I keep getting nil value problems won’t work for me any idea? I use prop protection mod

Hot. Rated.

Hm, I just read this now - I have coded a similar thing 2 weeks ago.
Does yours use thinks? Mine doesn’t. Will watch the code.

Well, yours use “Move” which acts like a Think. My current version uses a SENT to get an event when someone touches stuff or the world, but I already started coding to make it clientside (Some weird issues with the SENT)

To the “valve-noclip-antistuck” - Is it really from valve? I thought, it’s from garry - Well, you can use (and break :frowning: other stuff relying on PlayerNoclip)
[lua] – Block the valve noclip-unstuck. Can go through walls.

local function noclip( ply )

	if ply:GetMoveType() == MOVETYPE_NOCLIP then

               return false;


hook.Add( "PlayerNoClip", "UclipNoclip", noclip )[/lua]

Some things my script does too: Checks for rooms - So people can noclip through part of the map and into rooms, except people of a higher usergroup are in this room - Or a person in private mode.