A map Made for The gamemode “Underdone”…
It has rain and its at night … pictures :smiley:




-My First Map? wut?
-DOESNT Require Ep2 / CSS only Hl2!(made it hl2 because everyone to much people dont have ep2)

Why is everyone Voting no? Its good for a first map


Fix the tiling textures and make it less blocky.

Can you give me a texture that can help it?
Dont forget
THIS IS my first map
Ima noob
I was lucky it worked

Enlarge the texture scaling.

First map is no excuse, there are so many tutorials out there that it should never be an excuse. You should also know by now what we expect, using poor excuses is not one of them.

It’s too dark, there is no consistent theme. The walls do not look like cliffs.

You need to read up on the following:
Texture application,


First map is no excuse.

I like how you say “is the map good?[ i wanna know]”, then question people telling you it’s a bad map.

Isn’t that the case with most new mappers?