Udate Slightly broken GMod?

A couple of minutes ago I had the “failed to creat D3D Error” I fixed it by updating my Graphics card drivers but now this has caused some problems…

  1. I can no longer have Motion blur on. :frowning:
  2. Shadow Texture can only go to medium
  3. It will not save the Resolution I set it as (1440 x 900)
  4. I always play in a window but it still wont save this either

I never have any of these problems before, my Grapics Card is a Radeon x850 (yes not the best but will be replaced sometime this year) and I have 4GB of Ram

I hoe someone can help me with this


Please guys? need Help.

Number 3 and 4 can be fixed by putting -windowed -w 1440 -h 900 in launch options. (I think, might be -width -height)

Thanks the worked wonders :slight_smile: Any help on the motion Blur (it’s greyed out I can’t click) plus it Never saves my graphic setting it always switchies them back to default. And Why dies my shadow Textue only go to medium??


Plus the Bloom effect has completly stopped working

my bloom wont work as well

Try to type mat_dxlevel 95 in console for fixing 1 and 2.