UDP Flood Security

Hi everyone,

I have a little problem, since 3 day my server is attacked.

I have make a lot of research, and the only thing that i found is :

I think it’s a UDP flood.

My dedicated server is under attack only when my server Gmod is enable. And when i have bloqued all UDP with iptable, it stop to lag.

This the netstats -na when my server is not under attack :

And when it’s underattack , the 11000 is a 2XXXXX

But i really don’t know how i can stop it, i can’t stop it with a firewall because it’s on my server IP and port and i can’t see the IP who sended the packet …

If i can just see what is the packet sended or the IP who send this packet, it will be perfect but i have nothing … :confused:

So can someone give me any help please?

Sorry for my English,

A Gmod Lover