UE3 PSK, proper porting?

So I’ve been trying to port various props from Mirrors Edge to the Source Engine. I started by exporting the UPK archives using Umodel, and I’ve done that successfully. I get all the PSK models and their textures (in TGA).

Anyway, I opened up Milkshape 3D and imported a PSK model and it loads up great and all, however when I apply its texture, it does not appear right. It seems the uv map doesn’t import correctly or something. I imported a ladder for testing and the texture it uses is 128x512, but the unwrap in the uvw editor in 3DS Max is set at 256x256. I tried changing the dimensions to 128x512 to match the skin, but nothing good comes of it. I also wanted to try and import a couple of the weapons (TMP and Glock), but again, the skin issue is holding me back.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, or did I overlook an important step in the importing process? I’ve tried everything I could think of but I’m simply at a loss. I tried checking the site for Umodel and they DO have a tutorial on the full porting process to 3DS Max, but there’s no steps I’ve overlooked as far as getting the PSK in to Milkshape.

Also, a possibly important note. The PSK acts funny in Milkshape. Say I select the entire model and move it. The faces move but the vertexes stay in place. Is this a welding issue or something? Is there a quick fix for this, or is it just something I can ignore as long as I don’t move the prop?

Please let me know, if I can properly port these to Source, I will be a very happy mapper…and I can share the ported content with all of you. :smiley:

No one knows? :frowning:

Hit Control-T in Milkshape and check the texture coordinate grids. See how the texture lines up with the uv map. It might be flipped for whatever reason.