UE4: General Questions,

Hey guys.

So…I’ve been playing with UE4’s SDK lately, and I’ve learned some neat stuff moving from Source. I don’t know much at all about coding, though I am willing to learn.

I’m having a bit of trouble, and googling results isn’t helping me here. Before I get too deep in this…

…is UE4 a good place to start a game from the ground up? Can I even ask about this here? I figure some of you will still know your way around the engine…I did do some searching on the forums and the most recent thread about it was from 2014.

considered bumping but I know how that goes sometimes.

At this point I’m just playing around with the editor and it’s play option, in the roughest format possible with a sidescroller template.

If any of you have a good deal of knowledge and can give me a hand any time and wouldn’t mind helping me out with some questions, I would really appreciate it!

Oh I love using UE4. I think its a fantastic engine, and the workflow is pretty good compared to source.

There is a thread thats active in the programming section, but I know a few people post maps/materials/blueprints