UFO Abduction Frenzy

A slightly less dark and more comical take on the paranormal than the other gamemode entries announced thusfar, UFO Abduction Frenzy will let you play the bad alien dudes and beam up poor, innocent citizens of Generic Devtex City in order to do terrible things to them (and score points!)

Early gameplay footage (from today):

(No audio, sorry.)

Play as a UFO!

  • Beam up cars, to take back to the mothership’s main abduction beam
  • Beam up citizens, to conduct experiments to on your ship
  • Avoid APC rockets, the pathetic hopeless human defence
  • Ram other UFOs to steal their victims and get the edge

Requires GMod beta!


That’s awesome!

You should have military come out eventually to give you a challenge, have tanks and crap shooting you.

Maybe even beam down your own people to kill them :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! Finally more competition!

Looking good.

You should be able to lock on to enemy UFOs or something and chuck cars at them.

You should also have different kinds of lasers to shoot n’ stuff. Like things that catch things on fire, things that cause really large explosions, things that freeze things, things that just pretty much kill things in meaner and badder ways. And to achieve them you’d have to buy them with points you gain from killing the people.

oh god that’s awesome.

Do you think we can have lasers? I wanna rage down upon the unsuspecting public like I did to that planet in Spore… hehehe.

Looks friggin awesome. God like work as normal Devenger.

A whole lot better than what I can do. I’ve never been able to figure out all the dynamic carrying stuff.

One thing I really want to say: the mothership beam needs to be on the ground so that throwing cars into it won’t result in a bounce off the side of the building and an unsatisfactory keplunk as it returns to the road.

I’m back from holiday. I’ve done some thinking.

Before I left I did a brief multiplayer test (just me on a remote dedi). It lagged like a British rail service (that’s a lot) because of the volume of moving things (not CPU-intensive, but network-intensive). So I need a new approach.

Something I’m going to try is not using serverside entities for simple, not-messed-with-yet people and cars, and instead just using a table containing pos/ang/velocity of each person and car in the city. Every 0.5 seconds a function will simulate the movement of everything in the table. Cars never change velocity until interacted with, people change velocity when they hit brushes right now… cars may theoretically collide but oh well, I’ll work something out. A system of pseudo-entities, basically.

Clients will only be sent info about pseudo-entities in their field of view, and only once, unless their velocity changes. For example, if a UFO hovers close enough to 6 citizens walking around a building, the UFO’s player will be told about where each citizen is and their velocity. The client will create sufficient clientside-only entities and place them. However, from then on, the client simulates the citizens on its own (they’ll just keep walking forwards at constant speed until they turn). When they do turn, the server updates the client with the pseudo-entity’s new velocity, and the client applies this new velocity to the relevant clientside entity.

Working out when UFOs can pick up these pseudo-entities, turning them into real entities when this happens, removing the relevant clientside entities, solving the problem that pseudo-entities will not have collision and pretty much everything I’ve forgotten will, of course, be handled by technomagic I’ll devise tomorrow.

If it works, I can make cities with a truly awesome number of citizens and cars, and players won’t be able to tell they are cheap sims up until they are beamed/whacked/destroyed.

too long; didn’t read? brb, recoding Source engine.

This is something new, I love it!

The server to client thing is fucking genius.

Looks delicious. If that new server to client stuff works out, try to get it so that city is populated as hell so it can get damned crazy.

Oh, and make it so that when, say, cars collide with at least X total velocity, they explode. Nothing like a good way to wreck havoc.

This may be prone to client crashes.


Just if you put a lot of clientside entities. It can cause lag on really bad computers. No worries though, I’m sure it will turn out great. In which case I’ll really be interested in your code.


How’s this coming along?