UFO Drones.

Okay guys I am a big fan of UFOlogy and conspiracy theories relating to extraterrestrials on Earth but my favorite is that of the Big Basin “Dragonfly Drones” seen a few years back. So my request is to see a model of the drone for Gmod.

Here are the references to the drone sighted at Big Basin:


Don’t you mean alleged sighting?

That’s obvious dreamy sci-fi bs editing right there.

You never know man. 8P

Someone HAS to make this. Real or not, thats awsome.

Yeah that ship is pretty sweet looking. Exactly how big is it supposed to be?

I don’t know how big it is actually. If someone wants to do this, they make it whatever size they want as long as the model looks realistic.

An physical scale model was built of one of the smaller CARET drones here:

The size of the larger Big Basin object from was discussed in length here:


To some, the question is still open for debate.

There have been many problems with the “witness” testimony, but it is still quite an interesting case with many possibilities.

Besides, no hoaxer has been unveiled yet!

You can read the entire case documented here:

So is anyone going to do this?

Edit: Thanks for the link onthefence they have some really interesting information about the drones I didn’t even know about!