UFO Invasion

Hey, I was wondering if someone would consider making an addon that would somewhat act like an “in-game gamemode” meaning, this would work in sandbox. The addon would spawn around 4 UFOs on a map along with a “mother-ship”. These ships would move together around the map looking for npcs or players to abduct. Once abducted, a little alien drone would pop out of the ship looking for more targets to kill. The ships will go on and on spawning minions and killing others until the mother-ship is destroyed.

If possible, could this work for spacebuild maps? The UFOs would need to navigate through space and ascend and descend accordingly. This way, they would be able to go to a planet, kill what ever is living there, move on to the next one, repeat.I Hope this idea intrigues anyone, because I think this would be a rather neat addition to spacebuild, since it seem like it could use a new objective or way to play.

seems almost impossable dude
i don’t think it’s gunna happen

Some of it may be possible but you are asking for way to much here.