[Uforsia] WIP Campaign RP(G) Gamemode


** What’s ‘Uforsia’ about? **
I’m still debating on what the story line will be. Letting my brain concoct ideas and my fingers type is my current plan for this until nearing completion.

** More/Misc. Information **

Beta Testing and Server Information

I asked the owner of the server that’s hosting my gamemode on if it’s ok to publicly release it’s information, as in the past our community had some hate issues from other people.

Server IP:

(The rules were from a very old MOTD that the previous head admin made a long time ago, I implemented it in there for old times sakes)


As this game mode is nearing completion, a tutorial has been fabricated in order for the client to play this gamemode to the fullest.

Starting Out

There’s 6 stats, Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Constitution (CON), Intellect (INT), Stamina (STA), and Luck (LUK). Currently, only CON, INT, STA, and LUK have any use. CON, in conjunction with STA, increases the player’s health cap, as well as power and health regeneration. INT influences spell power, mana pool size, and mana regeneration. LUK influences the odds of things, currently such as absorption of an attack with the Holy Shield buff.

Casting Spells

A list of all spells can be accessed easily with the


command. Binding to item slots (1 through = keys) will become available in a future update, and the option in the spell book is just for aesthetics. The command used to cast the spell, along with it’s name, description, mana usage, cast time, and inflicted damage, and spell school are listed in the right side of the frame. Casting a spell can be typed in any casing, from heal to heAL. The bar at the bottom left lets you know how long a spell has left to fully cast. A global cooldown of 1.5 seconds is initiated at the time starting the cast. Spells (holy/mana shield, water walking, cloak) are buffs. All buffs have no expiration time, and a planned update will have an indication to what buffs are on you at the moment.

Addons and extra content

When a menu open, a sound plays, and same for casting a spell. Currently, sounds from World of Warcraft are acting as placeholders when the gamemode finalizes. The pack of sounds can be downloaded at: http://bit.ly/ufContentPack (which is hereas well)

More guides will be available as new content is added


** What I have currently finished **
Skills, Leveling and XP, Currency, Inventory, HUD, Shield, Mana, NPCs, Regions, Spells, Spellbook, Buffs.
** What I plan to include **

 o More elements. Such as a radar, custom weapon slots, and others. 
 o Active buffs on a player.

 o Easier casting of spells.
 o Easy addition of magic. ** Done. **
 o Require magic to be learned before casting
 o Remove casting spell's console command dependency. Required for easily adding magic. **(Not required)**
 o Resurrection spell: Revive dead players and dead NPCs (Hostile or not) **Currently resurrects player.**
 o Charm. Hostile NPCs assists

Passive Abilities
 o Feats like from DnD. Weapon Finesse for having DEX go over STR.
 o Will implement more uses for stats.

Power Allocation
 o Will implement that.

 o So far NPCs will have to be working (menus aren't showing up) for quests to be implemented.

 o An inventory, crafting, and trading systems. ** Crafting and trading are in the works! **
 o Hats, an inventory system is nothing without this [deliciously moist](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PPA_SEEg88) delicacy.

 o More of them. Not really a priority since the story line is the LAST thing on the list. Functions like magic and inventory mechanics FIRST.

 o Better uses for regions (besides giving weapons and removing weapons when stepping in a region)
 o Have a player own a region or home, and whenever they disconnect all props are stored and respawned upon reconnecting. (Only flaw is if someone else is occupying it, maybe a queue?)


** Screenshots **

Updated screenshots will be here shortly.


** Videos **
*** [Garry’s Mod] Uforsia - G.M. ALPHA v0.0.5 - WAYWO Recap ***

*** Previous videos are always on the current video’s channel @ youtube.com/MysteriousQuiggles (Previously Arekuzzzz) ***


** Suggestions, Bugs, etc. **

I’m open to suggestions and ideas; mostly on spells and regions, as there’s a vast amount of spells that can be done and added. I was running around igniting doors terrorizing someone and I got an idea to make a spell that ignites everything in a 128 radius (I’m going to add restrictions soon, spells are too overpowered as of now).

A simple PM or reply on the spell/region template to help add to the database would be splendid. I haven’t even began to map the underground areas of rp_downtown_v2, and I’m guessing any Evocity would be easier to define regions.

Any bugs that you observe, let me know. (No, typos in casting a spell where it gives the ?-related error in sh_magic.lua is not an error, but is lacking a way to prevent that. It just means the spell you typed is 404, not found.) Anytime a spell unintentionally halts, document the error and attempt to reproduce it. Usually if a spell halts and you can’t cast again, suicide is an option. It’ll reset the casting variable on the player.

not any campaign gamemodes?


Whale excuse me princess.

So… What is it???

GTA in FPS with some RPG concepts.

Sounds like DarkRP

we will steal horses!

Well from the picture it looks like he is taking the hud style of games like wow and adding it to a darkrp like gamemode.

So do you have anything other than a big hand-drawn HUD done?

Well I lost my files since Windows durped on me. I’m trying to get as much done as possible.
Minutes later, I searched on my desktop since I usually work on it at night, and found it’s current version there.

Without the gangs and irritating flaws.

I got off my ass and revived the whole project.

I added a video on the first page and also rewritten the whole post.

Added a video for regions and NPCs and other minor edits.

So basicly heres your problem.

all the spells are just admin commands you can use on npcs i could code this in my sleep but im not going to because im pr0pwn

Read a bit better.

In case you have some reading disability of some sort.

I was thinking it was going to be another ideas thread, but it seems I was incorrect, thankfully enough.

Not much to say other than I hope you have the intuition and drive to take this gamemode as far as it can go. Good luck, matey.

Wait, what? “Your solar powered flashlight won’t work here”.
What is the point of having a flashlight if it’s solar powered? That’s like having a hunting rifle that you can only fire inside.

It’s because the room is so dark it takes any form of energy (Except from organisms).

It was an idea thread for a while and I never got it anything working enough for videos when I first posted this thread. And as long as I have my computer this project is continuing until it is completely finished and possibly more.

Added another video to the OP. The regions and NPCs are (mostly) fixed.

It’s been a while since I made any progress on this. I revamped the spell system and included a buff system with it. I tweaked up the region system to avoid the terrible issue of being in 2 regions at once and being in the Undefined Region.

More HUD elements ( cast bar and current region ) have been added, with a menu that lists the spells information, such as name, description, mana use, damage inflicting, cast time, and command. Shield has been renamed to Power as well.

NPCs are dynamic. This is for hostile NPCs (like the enemies in WoW) for the eventual questing and experience points system. The only issue with this so far is that they roam far, which will soon be fixed with a boundary for each NPC.

Regeneration system has been added, but is a bit overpowered. Regeneration refills the shields too fast enough to cause damage to health, which will still regenerate. A fix will be implemented to pause the regeneration when damaged.

Spells have sounds when casting and casting. Holy spells will have the same sounds and loop until casted. Sounds from WoW are currently acting as placeholders.

New video has been uploaded. Mostly showing some things updated and fixed, and apologies for the quality, I wanted to get this uploaded by Christmas end.

OP updated.