uG Rust Competition for 1 month FREE ADMIN!

Server details:
Competition: Build the coolest house in our server.
Award: Five people having admin in our server for one month.


  1. You must sign up on the uG website.
  2. You have two weeks to build an amazing house.
  3. Screen shot your design and post it on the proper forum here: (Click “Start New Topic” and submit your entry. When an admin on the forums gets the chance, they will edit your post with a poll.)
    When posting your screen shot on the forums please copy, paste, and fill out the information below.
  • Screen shot:
  • In-game name:
  • In-game names of the people who helped you:
  1. People on the forums will vote for your design, so if needed, invite your friends to our website to help you win! You cannot vote for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. If others help you build your house, pick one person to have admin in your group. (If you win).

Contest starts June 24, 2014 and ends July 9, 2014.
Winners will be announced on July 9, 2014 and have one week to claim their admin.

Are you sure you want to give admin powers to five random people?

Someone’s going to fill the banlist, I’m sure of it.

Well, they will be monitored like the rest of our members are. We will tell them the rules and if they disobey, it will get taken away.

Admin is a privilege. :slight_smile:

If someone’s going to add 4,000 Steam IDs to the banlist, I don’t think they care if it gets taken away afterwards. The point is that the banlist now has 4000 more entries, and it may be difficult to tell which are legit and which are not, so if you don’t have backups, you’ve either got to manually sift through the list, or delete it and unban everyone.

With speaking to our Rust staff, the winners will not receive full admin. So ban is not on the list. :slight_smile:

So what powers will they have?