Ugh, how do I pick up stuff in Gmod (WITHOUT the gravity gun or the phys gun?)

Yeah, I can’t figure out what button is the grab button in Gmod. I’m trying to make an advanced duplicate of the Icthysaur in the teleportation scene in Kleiner’s Lab. Problem is, I have to pick up the plug and plug it in the wall. Neither the Gravity Gun nor the Phys Gun works, I HAVE to pick it up as it is written in the game’s script. I can’t no clip my way outta this situation either, so, even though this is a stupid request, what is the pick up button?!

you cant. Or press E next to small things, but i don’t think you can do that anyway.

That’s fucking great. Thank you though for your time.

I aim to please.

sv_cheats, impulse 101.

Boom you have a grav gun.

You can just noclip out of the map to the small beach area where the itchy is.

There’s plenty of ways you can get the ichylasaour without going through that, download an NPC pack or something.

He said he can’t use either.

Because Ichthyosaurs are totally in every single map, right?

go to the wire forums, and find the contraption area.

around the 2nd or 3rd page, that should be a thread called “Telekinesis”

It has an Expression 2 Chip that lets you pick up stuff, no matter what weapon you have out.

(You will need Wire. Once you have Wire, load up your scene, spawn the Expression 2, and go crazy)

Stare at your pc for 10 minutes, hold the button in for 10 seconds, turn of your monitor, pick up the baseball bat and swing till the monitors small enough to hold in your hand :comeback::dance:

Download an NPC pack or something

if you walk up to the plug and press E,you can pick it up and put it in the socket

Read the thread

…did you even read the title?


I tried that, it wasn’t there. I figured it’s only there AFTER the transporter fuck-up scene.


I tried that too. The only thing I got to show for it is a spawn point that spawns one Icthysaur that just sits there. It doesn’t do a thing, not even when i fly up in it’s face.


Does it work just like picking it up in HL2 would?


God I wish I had “accident” insurance on this damn thing, BECUASE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO DO! Lol


(sarcastic) Yeah, becuase I hadn’t tried that already and decided to come on here and ask something stupid without trying EVERYTHING first. Gee, glad I listened to you!

OK,Im sure im Late but

If u want to put the plug back in the plug-in

1.Get No-Colide stool
2.Left click (Noclide with everything)
3.Grab with grav gun the plug
4.Get close to it if you see sparks Then worked
5.Plug in

You can Rate me Late but i helped :downs:

You didn’t help at all, considering the guy who asked the question did so nearly 3 years ago. What page did you find this thread on, and why did you even go to a different page, anyways? God.

Wow even if he were to check now-a-days, Garry’s Mod has that e-to-hold shit implemented so he could just do that instead.