''Ugh, this place practically reeks of death.'' Two combines sneaking around in the slums.

I like the shadows.

The proportions on the soldiers look really fucked up, and the walking poses look odd.

I intended some kind of sneak-walk.

Yeah, the models he use are pretty bad. Torso is out of proportion and the helmet looks just weird. Pretty cool screenshot otherwise though.

Is that Nova Prospekt?

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The glow in the eyes looks really good, gives it a nice feel.

If you’re going for the HL2 feel, I don’t think the combine would say something like that.

They were designed to be more or less machines of war, they wouldn’t be distracted by things like that.

I like it anyway.

Looks like older soldiers in this pic, so it could be the case that either the technology of the Combine wasn’t so advanced, even by their standards, or they were once regular humans like the Civil Protection, then it was decided they should be lobotomised etc.

The plural for ‘Combine’ is ‘Combine’.

Their feet are so tiny, looks kinda cute lol. Dude the red written ink on the wall should be a little less bright/red and more darkish. Whenever paint dries it loses saturation

Sneak walk require heel placement first.
So they denser part of the shoe absorbs the sound.

Props on the Saboteur music, that game fucking rocked.

You should have used your own shadows. Source’s dynamic shadows look pretty pixelated. Otherwise it’s good in my opinion.

Btw a tip when body parts are out of proportion, use the inflator tool on the calfs

How can he smell through his gas mask?

reek (rk)
v. reeked, reek·ing, reeks

  1. To smoke, steam, or fume.
  2. To be pervaded by something unpleasant

That camera angel is so good, the posing of the legs seems overrated tough