Ugly Ass Clothes

Some of the models in rust, in terms of clothing, are buggy looking and/or just plain retarded.
For example:

The baclava looks like a wrinkled sock that i busted a fat load into… please make it more symetrical, round, and tight fitting, so I dont have to feel like my character shops at party city.

The beanie doesnt cover the player model’s ears… looks sloppy as fuck.

The pants are way too baggy and poofy nears the calves and ankles. My character looks like an industrial fan is inflating his pants from underneath.

Also you can’t wear the armored chest plate with a tattered jacket. It would be the only semi-decent looking outfit in the game.

Pumpkin head. I like pumpkin head. I approve.

So basically my point is, it seems like the person/people who did the 3d modeling for the clothes are 11 year old trolls with parkinsons.

Everything else about Rust is good. Beside the hackers. Cough Fister13 cough.


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Make your own if you don’t like them.

The game is in early access what did you expect.

I expect better than dung.

What do you expect from a game that puts you on an island where people try to kill you? The Sims?
Freakin stupid

Bad excuse for poor modeling.

Then don’t play.

You have the option to stay naked.

Your fanboyism is blinding. The game is great, mechanics-wise, but the models should be fixed before having a bunch of people skin over these ugly models. Also i will note that nobody so far has textually disagreed with me.

I think clothing looks good enough for now and I expect more variety later on. Tbh I don’t really care how my character looks like, I’m more interested in functionality as in defense, warmth and stuff like that. If I want to make my playermodel look fancy I go back to csgo or tf2.

EDIT: They are also still working on the playermodel, look at the last few devblogs. The current playermodel isn’t final.

In the Devblogs I see fairly consistent work being done on models. Clothing, players, weapons/tools, etc.

I’d rather see things added to the game now, and made pretty later, than to wait for the models to look nice until we can start testing the actual mechanics of an item.

Give it time.

That said, I don’t think we need to shit all over everyone that makes a criticism of the current state of the game. This isn’t a fansite. If people take the time to come here and post about what they’d like to see in the game, they probably enjoy the game. Maybe even a lot. They just want it to be better. Like most of us.

I’d be thankful to have things looking that nice in an alpha.
Normally alpha games use, at best, the same model for all clothes with a poorly ms-paint texture with “ARMOR” written on them with a different color.
How about you let the modellers work on the actual priorities, such as, I don’t know, the new player model, the female model, or even the pieces for the dungeons…?
If the player model is getting a rework, don’t you think that the actual armor parts will also need to be all re-touched aswell?
All in all, you didn’t give this much thought.


It’s almost as tho aesthetic things have absolutely 0 effect on gameplay, and in an in-development game that is hardly even considered Alpha, that they would worry more about gameplay than about how baggy a pair of pants are. :huh:

Look at the dev blog before you come here bitching and insulting the devs. They’ve said numerous times they’re tweaking both the male and female character models. Why fuck around wasting time fixing clothes that will need changing again everytime the player model does?

Good point. Just giving my 2 cents. (I’m the OP on my main.)

i can agree. Some parts look stupid. i would never wear the metal chest plate because it looks so ugly!

Yet there has been a surprisingly large amount of effort put in to making the water look better.

The difference is that the water shaders will stay, and at most they’ll get improved upon by modifying the code.
3d models tend to be remade from scratch when something changes about them, such as the shape of the base character wearing them.

I really liked the water when it glowed that pretty blue color for like two weeks.