Ugly People|Fresh 3/6|US EST|PvP|Rare Mil|NoCraft C4|Act.Admins|Oxide


We are a survival oriented server, its a harsh Rust world out there. Tired of hackers? So are we, we will lend our ear to you as long as you have conclusive evidence! Its our job to kick these guys out. Tired of Admin Abuse? So are we, we run a balanced game play server.

Fresh Launched Server

  • Wiped March/9th/2014*

  • US East (Columbus)

  • Open to any suggestions

  • 0.5 Durability (things will take longer to break)

  • Starter Kits (Nothin’ ridiculous)

  • Occasional Events [No rewards, purely for fun] (Hunger Games Arena, more to come)

  • Already a player base of about 15 players

Active Admins

  • Admins: AshTrash, Red, cxphillx1

  • Admins do not play together

  • Always balanced game play



  • No Griefing (Ask admin for details)

  • No racism

  • No sexual harassment


  • Oxide

  • Uncraftable C4

  • Remove Tool

  • Location Check

  • Door Share

  • Tickets

  • Anti-Hack

Wiped 3/14. 40 players!!!

no ip…

IP: There ya go!

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Someone recently joined the server and asked these questions that I thought would be important to add in.

What are the rules on griefing?
No, barricading or spike walling in the middle of conflict. There is a remove mod.
Will you guys ever be giving items for $? or giveaways or anything like that
No! Left my last server because of that
How big is the admin group
3 people. AshTrash, Red, and cxphillcx1
Do they play together?
AshTrash will be on her own while Red and Phil will be playing together.
When was this wiped last?
3/14/14 3:30pm Central Time Zone

There are airdrops! btw.

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Just added KillFeed!

This server so far is really fun the admins are good and the people are nice… and there is a really funny kid named Terran that you will love.

Thanks LafferSon!

been a pretty decent server so far. only 2 hours in though. could us emore people thats for sure

12 people in the server, needs just a few more to hopefully take off

the battle of the reds

need more

Doing good. just need the people to shoot.

We have 13 active members! come on and join!

I see a lot of potential in this server. Admins are fun and even though they do play, they are extremely fair. The rare mil is fun too! Come play with me on this server!

is there actually a celebrity on your server? i heard his name is laffer

Oh yah! He really is a laffer.

Laffer is a hilarious kid…

Right no Looking at making a
-Hunger games arena
Where you would be places into a little town and you must scavenge and kill to the top! Crates on almost every floor, and sort of maze

-Cops and Robbers
team vs team, you must apprehend the villains in some way while the villains must reek havoc

-Race to the top
Everyone starts at the bottom of a building and must rust to the very top and you get the prize afterwards

Loving the Hunger Games idea!

Hunger games arena is just about finished up. Hunger games event at 9:30 EST

Hunger games happening now.