Ugly rocks placment

Just look on this map and how rocks are placed. It is innatural. :stuck_out_tongue:
Simple, size of every rock is the same. Position quite the same. I think rock are currently one of the elements that most destroy design.

Well other than looking like maggots on the map, would you have even noticed it without that overview? Anyhow, its all a WIP. I’m sure they are still tweaking the procedural and add even more rock structures.

Yeah when I playing it looks unnatural to!

Pay attention to development and Friday blogs before giving feedback.

I read every devblog. I bought rust when it wasnt avilable on steam

Then you’re an idiot for complaining about something that’s modified weekly.

It pointless to discuss with someone who dosen’t understand meaning of feedback…

Your complaining about how the mountains look from space… Holy shit…

I find the rock placements and shapes have come a long way, particularly in their ability to allow for little hidie-hold to build small bases in. It is much preferable in its current state then it was when they first started dotting the random gen maps with the occasional rock. And while I know their intent is to continue to improve it I would much prefer their current functionality over realism if that is the necessary sacrifice.

I haven’t been able to play for a weekish but last I checked the biggest realism issue with rocks was animals walking through them not the placement of the rocks.

come on man you cant expect the Devs to create a Shinto Environment! ffs