Ugly Run Animations

Anyone else think the run animations look ugly? i mean, i dont see what would be so hard, makeing the characters stride longer.

I think that because you can literally run so damn fast in gmod, it becomes ugly. It doesn’t look bad in CS:S.

Animations go faster depending on player speed. They look like shit at gmod sprint speed.

They just need to reo them and actualy show one leg going from front to back…

do you think when/if Gmod does get updated to the L4D engine, the run animations will be fixed?

it will never update to the L4D engine, why do people keep thinking it will?

they’re ugly yeah but only as ugly as they are because of the player’s speed.

the animations in CSS are different than GMod.

Its nice to dream, in any case merely updating the engine isn’t going to change the animations.

Sure lets just ask our dedicated team of moddelers to re-animate over 50 models overnight /sarcasm.

The animations are very slick and smooth.
I can see where some look unusual, but as said most are because of the player’s speed.